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P & C Members

Our Committee

Narara Public School's P&C committee is made up of nominated and elected members. Our committee members come from diverse walks of life and each bring valuable life experience and unique talents and interests. The members and their roles for 2021 are:

Office Name 
Snr Vice President Samantha Julian
Jnr Vice President Scott Loy
Secretary Vicky Stannard
Treasurer Nicki Martinson
Uniform Shop

Coordinator/s: Maya Manjubash

Committee Member/s: Melissa Rule

Treasurer/s: Kylie van Hoof


Fundraising Coordinator/s: Josephine Stanford

Committee Member/s: Susanne Morrow

Life Members

Over the years we have had many people dedicate their time and efforts for our school.  Some of these people have been recognised through being inducted as a Narara Public School Parents and Citizens life member.  The list of these people is below.

Name Year Inducted
Joanne Figallo 2015
Kaz Young 2017
Pauline Hillard 2017


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